Get Confident

I have done over 100 confidence-building workshops, helping over 1000 people to get more confident in their lives. And I’ve worked with 500+ clients in group and private coaching and helped them to live their dreams.

Step 1: Define the Perfect Outcome

We will define what you want from life and why. That enables us to develop and train the optimal skills for you. We are going to focus on what is most important to you to create motivation and discipline.

Step 2: Identify Obstacles

Then we will outline what obstacles are going to be in your way, and where they will show up. So you are completely prepared, whether they hit you out of the blue (that’s what throws most people off) or you see them coming from far away (that’s what freaks most people out for days). You’ll learn to confidently clear obstacles because you know exactly what to do.

Step 3: Understand the Key Skills

I will help you understand the most relevant cognitive and emotional skills for your unique situation. Most people tend to work really hard on what holds them back – but they’re using the wrong tools (and sometimes they work on the wrong problem, too). We make sure that your toolkit is tailored to your goals so you reach them in the shortest possible time.

Step 4: Master the Key Skills

This is where the rubber hits the road: I will give you custom exercises so that you can train – and perfect! – your new skills in a safe environment. You will level up your skills in on the training ground and they will be ready to go when you need them. (Have you seen Karate Kid? Wax on, wax off? It’s a bit like that)

Step 5: Integrate and Adapt the Key Skills

We will integrate all of your new skills and I will show you how you seamlessly switch from one to the next. That way, you can immediately adapt to any new challenges, and continue to set bigger and bigger goals.

What past clients chose to work on

“I want to be great at NETWORKING” ✈️

Go to networking events, conferences, and workshops and connect with everyone there. Find new job opportunities, new clients, new mentors, and more people that will think of you the moment someone says: “Do you know someone who’s good at…”

“I just want to talk with people and MAKE FRIENDS” 🥳

Become the person who charms everyone – whether that’s at a party, an after-work BBQ, or at the gym. Maybe you want to be one of those few people that are able to talk and engage everyone, everywhere. Even if you’re just waiting for the bus.

“I need to become a better TEAM LEADER” 👩‍💻

You’re leading a team at work, you need to motivate the crew and also have uncomfortable talks every once in a while. You need to stand in front of everyone and present projects. And maybe you secretly think you don’t deserve that position and you’ll be found out (that’s called the Imposter Phenomenon). Or maybe, you want to get into a leadership position and you don’t even know how to open your mouth at a meeting. Let’s work on that.

“I have my big chance on Stage/TV/Radio” 🎙

Have a big event coming your way, one that might very well be a huge boost for your business or career? But you’re worried that you won’t be able to focus, that you’ll be so anxious that you forget what to say, that you can’t sleep the entire week before the event and you’ll forget to put on pants before you go on stage. I can’t help you with the pants (except to tell you to set a reminder) but I can help you with the rest.

"I want to DATE more!" 💕

You want to kick yourself in the butt every day, because – again – you walked past that interesting person without saying something. And even if you did, you wouldn’t know what to say while you trembled and looked at the ground. Let’s dial up your charm and conversation skills so that never happens again and you find the partner you desire.